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The One - Colt M1911 45 ACP

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

Arguably the most important semi-automatic pistol every conceived, created and sold. Although designed by John M. Browning - the legendary gun genius and holder of dozens of the most innovative gun patents in history - the design was sold to Colt for marketing, manufacture and sale, thus it is in fact a Colt Pistol not a Browning.

Many gun historians have stated this is the first commercially successful semi-auto pistol ever made...and that's why it should be regarded as the most important semi-auto pistol...the original semi-auto pistol.

The design has proven to be timeless and quite ingenious. No other handgun has ever been as popular or copied - most gun manufactures produce a version of the Colt 1911 in 45 ACP to this day, including Colt, Smith & Wesson, Remington, Ruger, Sig Sauer, Browning, Kimber, Springfield, Les Baer, Wilson Combat, Taurus and the list goes on...

It served as the standard-issue handgun of the U.S. Military for 75 years and is still one of the most popular handguns sold in America!

It is widely used by civilians for home defense, personal protection, conceal carry, competitions like IDPA, USPSA, IPSC and Bullseye shooting.

There are still numerous countries using the Colt M1911 model as their standard-issue sidearm!

So, should you own one? Only you can answer that based on your needs and this gun's capabilities...

This is a recoil operated single-action handgun with a crisp trigger that makes it ideal for competition and rapid fire. It fits comfortably in the hands of most users due to its single stack magazine design. Its angles are simple - and simply work - for most shooters.

It has been proven to be a reliable design that also appeals as a patriotic symbol of American gun culture and prowess.

This model handgun has been produced by so many companies over so many years that a gun owner can find accessories to customize and enhance the gun without any effort whatsoever, the list is quite frankly nauseating. Every store carries it, most gun owners have at least one in their possession, ammunition is readily available and you can find a seemingly endless list of variations in size, caliber, finish etc. (such as 380 Auto, 9mm Luger, 40 S&W in full size, compact, micro etc.)

The metal frame of the gun makes it both heavier and more controllable than most modern pistols folks are accustomed to. It feels solid, "built like a tank" and the shooter can't help but feel he/she is holding a sturdy,serious, quality firearm.

A manual safety switch can be flipped up or down with ease, and the exposed hammer can also function as a secondary safety simply by decocking the hammer and rendering the gun inoperable (unable to fire).

Although field stripping the gun is not as quick or straight-forward as in more modern pistols, it is nevertheless easy enough with practice.

Prices range from $400-$500 or so for lower-end models, $600-$1500 or so for decent quality models made by popular brands, and $1600-$3500+ for top of the line/competition grade

1911s made by hand and/or limited production by dedicated 1911 brands like Wilson Combat & Les Baer.

These are my personal thoughts and opinions and are not intended to convince you to purchase or not to purchase this handgun. Be safe, have fun, and see you at the range!

Now it's time to go out there and try one for yourself, in whatever configuration you prefer. Prepare to be impressed and make room in your safe for a shiny new 1911...

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