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Looking for Advanced or "Practical" Pistol Courses?

You have to "crawl before you walk" and a pistol marksmanship course is the first prerequisite one must complete before advancing to more "involved" handgun shooting courses.

The NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting Course is the first in a line of Pistol Shooting courses designed to start you off on the right foot so you can advance to where you would like to be.

The next course is NRA Personal Protection In the Home which touches upon firing from cover or concealment inside a home with an intruder and all its facets with slightly modified fundamentals for close-quarter shooting and "flash sight-picture".

The following course NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home focuses on conceal carry situations and the complex considerations that are in play as well as shooting from more hazardous conditions and with potentially more difficult guns such as "pocket pistols".

The last level is Defensive Pistol which is an elaboration on Personal Protection Outside the Home and is for the most advanced, focused disciplined handgun owners out there.

I invite you to explore those exciting opportunities in pistol shooting and raise the bar not only for yourself but for your loved ones and the general public that deserve nothing but the best!

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