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Who can be NRA Instructor and How?

NRA Instructors are required to be experienced in the subject matter they teach and for most courses are required to pass "qualification" exercises to prove they have the knowledge, skill and attitude required to teach that particular course. For example, an NRA Instructor that teaches NRA Basic Rifle Shooting Course has to be an experienced rifle shooter and pass a "qualification" exercise.

The Instructor Candidate must have also taken the student version of the course in question and passed. Furthermore, a BIT Course (Basic Instructor Training) must be taken (if not taken within the last 2 years) and the Instructor Course along with its written examination must be taken and passed with a 90% score.

Not everyone can or should be an instructor - this is a great responsibility that one undertakes to teach but also be a role model. A great deal of patience and understanding is needed but also a determined willingness to share knowledge and experience with others. Effective communication skills and an amicable personality are also vital qualities of an NRA Instructor.

The best NRA Instructor does not merely run a Firearms Training Business, but sees this as a needed service to the firearms community and is willing to dedicate himself/herself to excellence and the highest possible standards.

An NRA Instructor always remembers that training never ends but must be continuous in order to strive for better and better.

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