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"Where Can I Shoot?"

Outside area of a gun club

Gun Clubs are quite possibly the best places to be involved in various shooting activities and firearms training. Average costs in the area are about $200/yr (with many $100 or less) for unlimited visits. The more often you go, the cheaper it ends up costing, especially considering that most commercial pistol ranges charge about $25/hr.

Gun clubs are typically made up of friendly and fun loving good people from all walks of life, professionals, enthusiasts, retirees etc. You will find men and women of all ages, various professions including medical, law enforcement, government, business etc.

Most gun clubs will require you to be an NRA Member (call me to join at a discount), pay an "initiation fee" for joining, commit to a small number of volunteer hours/yr and at least one sponsor.

Find out more about the ones in your area and start having fun!

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