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The Venerable "Glock"

Glock 17 Gen 4 side view

Police, Security, Corrections and numerous agencies all over the world utilize the Glock ( various models) as their "service" pistol. In fact, many civilians choose to purchase this handgun because it is so prevalent not only in official use but also on television and the movies. So what's so special about it?

First, I must reiterate my position as a Safety Instructor, that I cannot recommend a Glock as the first gun a beginner should purchase. These guns are designed to be used by trained professionals. In time, with proper experience and solid grasp of the fundamentals, one might want to own this fine Austrian firearm.

The Glock first appeared as the service pistol for the Austrian Military and Police because it was light (polymer frame), inexpensive and simple (fewer parts) compared to the competition. It also has no "manual safety". It has a single action only trigger and is striker fired (no external hammer). Although is has a "safe trigger" or "trigger safety" to prevent negligent discharge, there are probably more of those on record with this gun than any other handgun. Unmodified (especially civilian models) come with what is considered by most a light trigger pull and many police departments around the world including NYPD have opted to modify the trigger to provide a much heavier pull for added safety.

The different Glock models are basically the same basic design but for different calibers and of different sizes such as for conceal carry, service pistol or sporting (hunting, competition...).

Glocks also come in different "generations" so you could see a Glock 17 Gen1, Gen2, Gen3, or Gen4. These are the same models that have received various upgrades through the years such as textured grips (starting with Gen2) and accessory rails (Gen3)...

These are rugged, quality firearms that will last a lifetime and their crisp, light, single action trigger make them a dream at the range especially for marksmanship - trigger control issues are minimal with this gun. They're also relatively inexpensive compared to other similar handguns especially given the quality and reliability. That said, safety is a priority - no external safety, no visual indicator such as a hammer for condition check, and the need to pull the trigger for field strip, are a major concern of mine.

These are my personal thoughts and opinions and are not intended to convince you to purchase or not to purchase this handgun. Be safe, have fun, and see you at the range!

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