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What to get first? Rifle/Shotgun or Handgun

Individual standing at a gun store counter with salesperson

Many folks, myself included, choose to get started with firearms by first purchasing a "long" gun - rifle or shotgun.

Here in NY State, anyone 18 or older that is legally allowed to have a firearm can purchase a long gun without any permit. Therefore, one can enter the fun world of firearms not only much faster than with handguns but also quite often at a lower cost.

Long guns are a lot of fun, and some might say even more so than handguns because of their versatility and potential uses.

My first gun was a bolt-action rifle with scope. I still own and use it as well as conduct courses with it.

Shotguns for "trap", "skeet", and "sporting clays" are extremely popular and easy to learn.

There are formal NRA Courses for all of these types of firearms as each requires its own set of knowledge and skill.

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