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Firearm Safety Courses are NOT Shooting Courses

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Firearm Safety Courses are designed to familiarize those with little or no experience with firearms with some general key concepts in firearm safety and usage. Unfortunately, they are often simple PowerPoint presentations with little or no hands-on training. Furthermore they do not address some critical notions such as how to properly conceal a handgun, and how to manage misfires and stoppages, let alone how to properly handle and shoot any of the different types of handguns out there such as revolvers (single and double actions) or semi-auto pistols ( single actions, traditional double action or double action only, striker fired or hammer).

The NRA has firearm specific courses (usually 2 day courses) which address not only safety notions but almost everything else needed including proper handling/shooting and much more - NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting, Basic Rifle, Basic Shotgun...

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