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How to choose your first handgun

A pistol and revolver on the bench with safety equipment and ammo

A class such as this one will help you in choosing your first handgun by providing you with much needed hands-on use of the most common handguns. You will get to handle those guns, load and unload and understand how they function.

That said, here are a few basic steps in choosing your first handgun:

1] Decide whether you would prefer a revolver or a semi-automatic pistol.

2] Decide on the features you are interested in for the most likely use (holster carry or concealed carry). Features such as striker-fired (no hammer) and smaller size (usually with smaller caliber) are best suited for concealed carry. Other features such as stopping power (caliber and ammo choice) should also play a part in your consideration.

3] Decide on a short list of makes and models to choose from based on factors such as price/value, features and brand quality and history.

4] Do research on those guns to find out ratings/reviews as well as price comparison.

5] Shop around to find either local inventory or online availability.

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